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Hi everyone! Would like to announce that I'm doing a small sale on prints mostly Poison cosplay prints. I ordered too many and would like to get rid of my older prints to make room for new ones! Please follow the link to check out the available prints and I really appreciate the support! This helps me continue my cosplay work :) 

Hello my dear friends! Just wanted to let you all know about the fundraiser I'm doing. Basically I'm raising money to get some pro camera equipment to record my adventures at the cons. I'm doing a very limited online poster sale (Black Cat & Zatanna) to help raise the money! You can purchase the posters through this link here -

Thanks everyone for the love and support <3
Hi, my friends!

Just a quick update I have not been on here as much to those of you that don't follow on me on facebook/twitter just wanted to let you all know that I updated photo sets from Zatanna,Halo and Betty you can view them on website at Again thank you all for being so awesome and following what I do!
My photographer was nice enough to take the time to make/edit a little video footage from our latest shoot! Check it out and lemme know what you think =P…
Hi my dear friends! I'm having a poster sale on my website of one of my cosplay photos! I picked one of my favorite cosplay photos to print and ship to your home! All you have to do is follow the link below and place your order from my website (payments are done through paypal). All of the funds help me with the cost of future cosplays and I really appreciate all the love and support I get from all of you! <3

Poster sale is here…

Again thanks for everything my friends I love you all! <3
Hello friends! I'm going to start posting a lot more on my youtube! So with that said check out the brand new cosplay
video I posted and don't forget to subscribe to my channel while you are there! :)
Hello my dear friends!

I just wanted to share my brand new website with you all! I will be posting most of my photo sets on there along with different blogs and such! So I will probably post a photo with a link to the rest of the album set on my website! So please stop by comment and share and click the like button if you have a facebook :3 I greatly appreciate you all! I love all the new friends I keep making and everyone is so sweet to me here thank you! <3

Hi Deviants!

I just wanted to officially introduce my self! My name is Maria Ramos and I'm here to make friends and share my photos with the world so leave me comments I really appreciate the feed back!

so here is a little about me. I love modeling because I grew up with a passion for the arts. I am a model,singer,actress and dancer you can say I do it all. To the disbelief of most people out there I am also an avid video gamer. That's right I can get on xbox 360 or ps3 ( I own all systems and handhelds) and slay you with a nice head shot in call of duty, Halo, or Gears of War and those are just a few of my favorite games! When I'm not playing video games I'm most likely watching a new anime series and of course I love comic books and everything sci-fi! and because of my personality most of my friends say that I am the queen of all nerds! LOL but yeah that's my short bio!

also follow me on my other websites!